Saturday, December 03, 2005


lazy sunday afternoon.

haven't done anything productive yet. except finishing 3 chapters straight right after i woke up, out of the novel i'm gonna use for the English report. i think there was a misplaced or dangling whatever. i don't care.

i am so amazed! is amazing. don't go there, i do not wan't you to feel inspired like me. i mean, the web designs are awesome, the illustrations have a lot more ass than kick-ass and so much more! i have been visiting that site quite a few times already before... and i just want to praise the whoever behind that site. amazing shitzoid.

gotta go and build a bahay kubo in the air.


Blogger Gia said...

psst!! i bought you an xmas gift na! and to tell you the truth, it's so cute that i'd rather have it for myself. lol. i even had it delivered all the way to my house. tamad kasi magpunta sa mall. haha. anyway, gimme something 'girly' for xmas. lol. i'm changing my image. haha. gawsh. save me room at your house oki? see ya soon ate! =) -gia

2:58 AM  

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