Monday, December 05, 2005

Learn Schmearn

well i just discovered...

-how lame i write
-how lame the songs are in my first ever lame-o top 10
-how lame i talk. i swear you couldn't last 5 minutes with me when i'm the one talking
-how lame i story-tell. it's kinda similar with the one before this. you see, there would be this g
really interesting thing that would happen to me. and when i tell it to another person it becomes a bore. but when other people tell it, it suddenly sounds so damn interesting.
-how lame i get whenever i kid around. you woudn't wanna know how corny i get. it's THAT worse.
-how lame my jokes get. wait, do i even have jokes?!
-how lame i am when it comes to music. i try me best, i love music. but i think i'm too lame for it. haha.
-how lame ma lame ma llama loom. jaaaas wanted to say that. relaks.
-how lame i am in acting "interested"... when i'm not. my eyes turn emotionless. and then the next thing that comes... awkward silence. damn.
-how lame i write. da ja vou, eh?
-how lame i play the guitar. i can't even tune it. i just ruin everything.
-how lame i sing! ah. no doubt about that
-how lame i dance. instead of looking like a sexy spanish laydeh i'd look like a sasquash trying to do the hawaiian dance or something.
-how lame i think! i think of lame stuff all the time! i try not to be lame... which just makes me lame-er than ev-er.

more to come soon.


Blogger Gia said...

in short. you're lame. hehe. joke lang te, you are so not lame. the way you do stuff your way is sorta.. witty. :)

2:58 AM  
Blogger elivazeth said...

hoi, babae. you didn't tell me you had a furkin' blog. hahahaha. well, i've found it. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. actually, through gia's site. hehehehe.

just wanted you to know i'm still alive and haven't been abducted by alien frogs :)

11:09 PM  

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