Saturday, November 05, 2005

Me Vs. The Fucked-Up Mosquitoes and Red Ants

I am at risk of dengue. Or some sort of disease caused by mosquitoes. Fuck mosquitoes. They drive me crazy! So right now, I am against one. Only one and it has bitten me approximately 9 times already. The other seven bites were the size of a five peso coin and you wouldn't believe how itchy and red they turned out to be. The rest of the bites are still mutating. I have got to kill that shitzoid.

What about the red ants? Yes I fucking hate them too. What did I ever do to them? Sure I kill the black ones with alcogel whenever I'm bored but the red ones I do not! You see, one wonderful sunny day I sat down on the grass at the open field of Ateneo and whapaaak! My ankle started to sting. Red. Itchy. Pisat. Dead Red Ant. The next day my leg had huge red spots and they were super itchy. After a few hours, pimple-like stuff started to emerge.

To hell with you bug fookers.

I wasn't able to celebrate the end of Sembreak at Micah's. Not celebrate, Mourn. Mourn in a different way. Aaah whatever. I can' t believe school starts on monday already. Unbelievable.


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