Monday, November 07, 2005

I thought today was 8

Yeah, I kinda thought so. I wrote on two quiz papers that today was Novermber 8. Who cares.

Those rare days :)

I will study first (yeah right) and then get back on this. It's third quarter already, mahirap na kung i-baliwala. Hindi ba?


I am back again.

...and I was such an ape, with an ego trip a while ago. sad. I promise, I won't ever again.

...and I was so sleepy during class hours. My brain was so rusty that I drew a gellatin to represent myself and I mostly talked about the colourful and energetic bounce of a jelly in the C.L.E. essay part.

So horrah! First day of class(after sem that is) wasn't so bad at all. But I still dislike school.

P.S. Happy Birthday Paola! sweet sixteen pare! hehe. You're the best bully ever. Salamat sa libreng Jodan's. *Mwah! :D


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