Friday, November 11, 2005


yesterday, very sad.

today, okay lang :)

shit, this is pretty useless. ang corny ng aking posts. well, they make no sense at all. especially this one. i'm just tired. i have nothing to do. i'm a lazzy ARSE. ooooooooooh. haha. word factory is fun but too much of it hurts my head. i always lose in word factory. allana is so good at it, and karl too. kenneth is the best 'cos he makes up(invents) cool words that really makes me laugh like a boy. as in laugh out loud until my stomach eats itself. mae is my partner in word factory, the both of US don't suck at it but we're not that good either. gitna nalang para relaaaks ang buhay.

i don't know what to listen to. it's getting cold and windy. three years ago my journey began chasing down the whattf.. well know i guess you have on idea on what i'm listening to.

i am actually grounded 'cos i didn't do my best last quarter. well, it's filipino's fault. that subject is so... 82. masyado siyang 82.

okay. what else? hmm. i had a pretty good lunch a while ago. the food wasn't that great though, i didn't finish it 'cos i wasn't hungry anyway. but still, my lunch time was still good :)


maybe, later.


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