Friday, November 11, 2005

Belated Happy Halloween!

haha. i dreamt of my halloween. :)

I was with my siblings and cousins and we all had our costumes. We got them from this store where you just grab what you want because I didn't remember paying. So, I was a boxer. I wore huge black boxing gloves with a weird strap connected with my black ballet flats. strange. I forgot what the others wore but anyway let's move on! We were all in a small car and the first stop was Lola's old house. (Lola Enric is still alive but she lives in another house not the old one where Lolo lived while he was still alive *this part is real) It looked older than the usual and old pictures were hanged outside. I distinctly remember an old picture of a beautiful woman and I suppose that was Lola's picture when she was younger. We just stopped by the house to get something.

Then a lot of weird stuff happened here that I couldn't remember.

...And then we went to the house of one of the people we were with. Some people went inside while the owner of the house did something outside. What he was doing I couldn't remember! I stayed in the car with someone else that I also do not remember. I de-strapped my ballet flats and used it for my boxing gloves instead 'cos I got a bit annoyed about their connection thingy. Then all of a sudden something creepy happened outside. This tree moved. And then it went crazy! Things started to pop up like sheilds. Then we began to hear a low voice saying something. Our friend quickly went back to the car but just when he was about to open it a shield blocked his way then I think our friend wanted to get something but then canes appeared in his hand! He dropped the canes and ran fast inside the car and we went off.

We left the other people. I don't know why! So here's a conversation I remember:
Somebody1(driving): Oh, puntahan na natin si Louie sa bahay niyo?
Mariz: Sige.
(then I thought...)
Mariz: Pano nakapunta si Kuya sa bahay?! ('cos I could remember he was in the car with us before we went to the weird house with the moving tree)
Somebody1: Duh, Maaga pa.
Mariz: oh, ok. (so i supposed sumakay si kuya ng taxi)

and the other person in the car was pretty quiet don't you think?



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