Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Happy Birthday JESUS CHRIST! :)

A huge smooge thanks for my family and friends. They are the ones who made me happy today more than the Lechon, Irresistable food for the gods minus those ugly raisins and nuts, and the gifts. They don't mean a thing, well maybe 30% or something. Thanks again. I love them as much as I love you.

Doing. Yeah. I'm kinda lost for words right now. Always been.
All I can say is, the food is amazing. I'm gonna eat again after this. Haha.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Learn Schmearn

well i just discovered...

-how lame i write
-how lame the songs are in my first ever lame-o top 10
-how lame i talk. i swear you couldn't last 5 minutes with me when i'm the one talking
-how lame i story-tell. it's kinda similar with the one before this. you see, there would be this g
really interesting thing that would happen to me. and when i tell it to another person it becomes a bore. but when other people tell it, it suddenly sounds so damn interesting.
-how lame i get whenever i kid around. you woudn't wanna know how corny i get. it's THAT worse.
-how lame my jokes get. wait, do i even have jokes?!
-how lame i am when it comes to music. i try me best, i love music. but i think i'm too lame for it. haha.
-how lame ma lame ma llama loom. jaaaas wanted to say that. relaks.
-how lame i am in acting "interested"... when i'm not. my eyes turn emotionless. and then the next thing that comes... awkward silence. damn.
-how lame i write. da ja vou, eh?
-how lame i play the guitar. i can't even tune it. i just ruin everything.
-how lame i sing! ah. no doubt about that
-how lame i dance. instead of looking like a sexy spanish laydeh i'd look like a sasquash trying to do the hawaiian dance or something.
-how lame i think! i think of lame stuff all the time! i try not to be lame... which just makes me lame-er than ev-er.

more to come soon.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


lazy sunday afternoon.

haven't done anything productive yet. except finishing 3 chapters straight right after i woke up, out of the novel i'm gonna use for the English report. i think there was a misplaced or dangling whatever. i don't care.

i am so amazed! is amazing. don't go there, i do not wan't you to feel inspired like me. i mean, the web designs are awesome, the illustrations have a lot more ass than kick-ass and so much more! i have been visiting that site quite a few times already before... and i just want to praise the whoever behind that site. amazing shitzoid.

gotta go and build a bahay kubo in the air.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is when I say i've had enough

Past few days have been great, but sometimes one insy bitsy little fucked-up thing can ruin everything. I talked to Kax on the phone last night and grabeh pare. kakaiba talaga si karen. To think we were classmates nung first year lang at di kami ganon ka-close. Second year puro hi at hello, konteng usap. Tapos kagabi it was as if I could share almost anything to her. Ibang-iba talaga. Kax, kung mabasa mo to thanks sa lahat!! The best!! Kahit ayoko parin sa phone lingaw ka talaga kausap. Haaay.

I've always wanted a Top Ten of my own. So here's my first try!
10. I Miss You - Incubus
9. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
8. Only in dreams - Weezer
7. Morningstar - AFI
6. Hard to Say - The Used
5. Ohio is for Lovers - Hawthorne Heights
4. If All Else Fails - Matchbook Romance
3. Ever Fallen in Love - Thursday
2. Fade Away - Kapatid
1. Yesterday's Feelings - The Used

Well... I don't care if the list sucks. I just cry whenever I hear those songs. There are so many songs out there so I'm planning another part two but ANYWAY... yeah... try niyo pakinggan okay? Listen to the lyrics... dance with the rhythm... embrace the rapture. Okay, tama na.

I'm excited. I should have bathed by now actually. Joe and I will do shit stuff here at home and then later I'll be watching Emily Rose with TPT.


Friday, November 11, 2005


I will finish this song. Take a bath. Dress up. Learn Photography. Study. Sleep. Have a date with music. Eat.

i'll try to love this day :)

Belated Happy Halloween!

haha. i dreamt of my halloween. :)

I was with my siblings and cousins and we all had our costumes. We got them from this store where you just grab what you want because I didn't remember paying. So, I was a boxer. I wore huge black boxing gloves with a weird strap connected with my black ballet flats. strange. I forgot what the others wore but anyway let's move on! We were all in a small car and the first stop was Lola's old house. (Lola Enric is still alive but she lives in another house not the old one where Lolo lived while he was still alive *this part is real) It looked older than the usual and old pictures were hanged outside. I distinctly remember an old picture of a beautiful woman and I suppose that was Lola's picture when she was younger. We just stopped by the house to get something.

Then a lot of weird stuff happened here that I couldn't remember.

...And then we went to the house of one of the people we were with. Some people went inside while the owner of the house did something outside. What he was doing I couldn't remember! I stayed in the car with someone else that I also do not remember. I de-strapped my ballet flats and used it for my boxing gloves instead 'cos I got a bit annoyed about their connection thingy. Then all of a sudden something creepy happened outside. This tree moved. And then it went crazy! Things started to pop up like sheilds. Then we began to hear a low voice saying something. Our friend quickly went back to the car but just when he was about to open it a shield blocked his way then I think our friend wanted to get something but then canes appeared in his hand! He dropped the canes and ran fast inside the car and we went off.

We left the other people. I don't know why! So here's a conversation I remember:
Somebody1(driving): Oh, puntahan na natin si Louie sa bahay niyo?
Mariz: Sige.
(then I thought...)
Mariz: Pano nakapunta si Kuya sa bahay?! ('cos I could remember he was in the car with us before we went to the weird house with the moving tree)
Somebody1: Duh, Maaga pa.
Mariz: oh, ok. (so i supposed sumakay si kuya ng taxi)

and the other person in the car was pretty quiet don't you think?



yesterday, very sad.

today, okay lang :)

shit, this is pretty useless. ang corny ng aking posts. well, they make no sense at all. especially this one. i'm just tired. i have nothing to do. i'm a lazzy ARSE. ooooooooooh. haha. word factory is fun but too much of it hurts my head. i always lose in word factory. allana is so good at it, and karl too. kenneth is the best 'cos he makes up(invents) cool words that really makes me laugh like a boy. as in laugh out loud until my stomach eats itself. mae is my partner in word factory, the both of US don't suck at it but we're not that good either. gitna nalang para relaaaks ang buhay.

i don't know what to listen to. it's getting cold and windy. three years ago my journey began chasing down the whattf.. well know i guess you have on idea on what i'm listening to.

i am actually grounded 'cos i didn't do my best last quarter. well, it's filipino's fault. that subject is so... 82. masyado siyang 82.

okay. what else? hmm. i had a pretty good lunch a while ago. the food wasn't that great though, i didn't finish it 'cos i wasn't hungry anyway. but still, my lunch time was still good :)


maybe, later.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I thought today was 8

Yeah, I kinda thought so. I wrote on two quiz papers that today was Novermber 8. Who cares.

Those rare days :)

I will study first (yeah right) and then get back on this. It's third quarter already, mahirap na kung i-baliwala. Hindi ba?


I am back again.

...and I was such an ape, with an ego trip a while ago. sad. I promise, I won't ever again.

...and I was so sleepy during class hours. My brain was so rusty that I drew a gellatin to represent myself and I mostly talked about the colourful and energetic bounce of a jelly in the C.L.E. essay part.

So horrah! First day of class(after sem that is) wasn't so bad at all. But I still dislike school.

P.S. Happy Birthday Paola! sweet sixteen pare! hehe. You're the best bully ever. Salamat sa libreng Jodan's. *Mwah! :D

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Me Vs. The Fucked-Up Mosquitoes and Red Ants

I am at risk of dengue. Or some sort of disease caused by mosquitoes. Fuck mosquitoes. They drive me crazy! So right now, I am against one. Only one and it has bitten me approximately 9 times already. The other seven bites were the size of a five peso coin and you wouldn't believe how itchy and red they turned out to be. The rest of the bites are still mutating. I have got to kill that shitzoid.

What about the red ants? Yes I fucking hate them too. What did I ever do to them? Sure I kill the black ones with alcogel whenever I'm bored but the red ones I do not! You see, one wonderful sunny day I sat down on the grass at the open field of Ateneo and whapaaak! My ankle started to sting. Red. Itchy. Pisat. Dead Red Ant. The next day my leg had huge red spots and they were super itchy. After a few hours, pimple-like stuff started to emerge.

To hell with you bug fookers.

I wasn't able to celebrate the end of Sembreak at Micah's. Not celebrate, Mourn. Mourn in a different way. Aaah whatever. I can' t believe school starts on monday already. Unbelievable.